"Eternity is the ever present now".

Eternity does not begin sometime in the future.

Eternity is the ever present now.

It has always been now.

It will always be now.

One can not experience now with words or thoughts, although most people spend now producing words and thoughts. Words and thoughts, including these words you are reading now, project one's consciousness out of now, and into an abstract realm of thought where no material reality exists.

Only now is real.
Thoughts and words about the past may be true,
but they are not real.
Thoughts and words about the future are imaginary projections
of what reality may someday be like.
Only now is real.

Living humans can only experience now in the core of human consciousness through the physical senses of touch (feeling), sight, hearing, smell, and taste. The conditioned response of the evolved human mind is to immediately convert the real (material) signals received through the body's senses into internal, abstract words and thoughts instead of simply experiencing them in time and space. Consequently, modern, industrialized humans spend very little time actually experiencing material reality, and most of their time (life) thinking and discussing abstract thoughts about material reality.

The greatest peace and oneness with the Cosmos a human can experience is to spend as much time (life) as possible simply "being here now"  focusing consciousness on seeing, hearing, touching (feeling), smelling, and tasting without thinking or speaking. 

Eternal life exists only in the ever present now.





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