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Original Songs

Recordings are just me and my guitar, in their pure, original arrangements.


Copyright © 1968, 1976, 1983, 2012 L.R.Daniels Jr.
all rights reserved.


Children, Children
(a child's plea for world peace)
Goodbye Song
(the end of one story is the beginning of another)

Nothin But Love
(choose Love over temporary things)

Eagle Free
(a father's prayer for his child)
(she hopes and prays that all his dreams come true)
What Does It Matter
(perhaps Love is the meaning of life)
Love Is
(simply live on all love is)
Sweet Baby
(casual joy)
No One Knows
(the spiritual cost of playing the game)
Sugar Dumplin
(another silly love song)
Driftin' Away
(a humorous account of a terrifying psychedelic event)
Star Eyed Children
(a teenager's angry rejection of the status quo)
El Freako
(the uncompromising hippie)



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