The Living One

"If you want to know the Creator
experience Creation."


God”. . . The word itself immediately induces different thoughts in every mind that hears or reads it. Some of those thoughts are positive, some negative, depending on each individuals personal experience. Those reactive thoughts are produced by the mental conditioning experienced by each, specific individual during the course of their lifetime, and are as unique as each individual mind. Since birth very few humans have not been exposed to many different abstract ideas and opinions about the Creator of all things. Very few of these abstract ideas actually lead anyone directly to the mysterious Energy that holds the stars, and planets in place, and supplies the  elements of existence for all things. These ideas and opinions have evolved through the ages, most of them passed from parent to child, with the sole purpose of establishing a powerful mental memory that will help to control the behavior of the individual who is subject to them. Almost none of them are intended to help the individual intimately know the mysterious Energy that is the source of ALL things, the One commonly referred to asGod”.

Mankind has attempted to understand "God" since his mind first wondered about the mysteries of the world around him. As the mind of primitive man evolved he began to realize that there were mysterious forces far beyond his control that kept his world in balance, some of which were brutal and terrifying. Primitive Mans first quest to knowGodprobably came from his desire to eliminate, or at least minimize the tragedies that he experienced almost daily. His first attempts to knowGodwere ceremonies, and rituals designed to do nothing more than petition the invisible forces of nature for more desirable living conditions. In a more sophisticated way modern religion does the same thing. As time passed and the human mind became more powerful much of man's desire to know "God" became redirected into nothing more than a mental study of the physical realm. Most of mankind became influenced more by developing science that by the instinctive, internal longing to know the Life Giving Spirit that is the source of all things. Much of mankind has come to believe that the incomprehensible mysteries of the Cosmos, can be grasped, defined, and explained away as physical phenomenon that evolved into the universe we know today by random chance.

So; how can one truly know "God"? Not ideas about "God". Not the mental knowledge of what we have been taught that "God" is. Not theories, or theologies about "God", but the real Creator. The sustaining source of All things. The Life Giving Spirit who is the miraculous, etherial life force in all that has life... The Living One.

I can not claim to have the exclusive answer to that question. I don't believe that any human can truthfully make that claim. I do believe that the Life Giving Spirit of "God" saturates time and space and is omni present and available to any heart that seeks Him*. If you seek Him, you will find Him.

Seek Him in the night sky. Seek Him in nature. Seek Him in science. Seek Him in all things. Seek Him within you.

Seek Him, and you will find Him, and as He reveals Himself to you do not let anyone convince you that what He reveals to you isn't exactly what He wants you to know.

Don't let anyone convince you that you need a mediator between you and "God". The human creature has evolved over time to enable an intimate relationship with the Creator of all things that requires no interpreter. Your intimate relationship with "God" will lead you into ALL truth.

"Is it better to be God, or the one whom God adores?"


*The masculine term used here does not imply the traditional concept of "male" but rather the seminal source of all things.




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