The ruling class of modern industrial civilization has imposed many diabolical ideas upon it's citizens, but perhaps the most diabolical of all is the way it has perverted the idea of death into something terrifying that should be avoided at all cost for as long as possible. The idea of death has always been a difficult thing for the thinking human to accept, but never in history has it been viewed as the ultimate enemy as it is today. In the past there were many things that were considered worse than death, for example; living under oppression, living in horrible health with no hope of recovery, living so long that you can no longer take care of yourself, etc. In modern civilization surviving, no matter how horrible the conditions, is the only thing that matters. This is probably because there is so much money to be made by the modern medical industry in extending physical life far beyond what, in the past, would have been considered spiritually sane, and even humane.

Instead of obsessing with contemporary ideas of death let's look at death from the perspective of objective reality based on scientific facts. To accurately understand the end of physical life, we must consider physical life as a whole starting with it's beginning.

Energy in the form of hydrogen atoms is converted into heat and light by the Sun. This energy in the form of heat and sunlight travels to Earth and is absorbed by plants and converted into plant life using energy in the form of soil nutrients as it's food, and energy in the form of water as it's vehicle enabling the energy to flow and move throughout the living organism. Animals eat this energy in the form of plant life and convert it into animal form. Your father and mother ate this energy in the form of plants and animal flesh and converted it into human form which included the sperm cells of your father, and the egg cells of your mother. After deep, intimate contact your father's energy in the form of a sperm cell was delivered into your mother's energy in the form of an egg cell, and your physical life began.

This was the beginning of your physical life, but when did your person begin? When did your etherial consciousness that perceives time and space  (the material universe) begin?

As the cells of the human embryo divide and develop into more and more complex forms the consciousness of that developing creature develops along with it's physical form. The developing human begins to sense more and more of it's surroundings in it's mothers womb until it has fully developed it's five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell, although until it is born it does not experience the senses of sight and smell. As it's first perceptions of the physical world begin in it's mother's womb it begins to develop a personality based on it's genetic codes inherited from it's father and mother, and it's experience in it's mothers womb. The infant is born into the world with the beginnings of it's personality (soul) in place. As the child experiences more and more of the physical world it continues to form it's personality based on it's genetic codes (inherited behavioral tendencies) and environmental stimulus, the most influential environmental stimulus being family dynamics.

The human creature continues throughout it's life experiencing the material universe, establishing and retrieving memories, and creating thoughts based on genetics and specific environmental stimulus unique to each individual. Eventually, the miraculous physical body dies, and the energy of that body changes form and over time is consumed by micro organisms and broken down into fundamental material elements.

But what happens to the invisible, etherial energy (person) that developed throughout the life of this specific individual human? What becomes of the mysterious, unique consciousness that was produced by the genetics and experiences of the physical body? Modern science has determined that energy can not be destroyed, but simply changes form, so what happens to the invisible, etherial person (soul) after physical death?

This is one of the greatest mysteries ever considered by the mind of man. Science does experiments to try to solve this mystery. Religion conjures up theologies to explain it. Every individual human wonders about it. The fact is no scientific evidence has ever been produced to prove what happens to the person (soul) after it has induced it's individual energy into the physical world throughout it's physical life, and eventually leaves the physical body at the moment of death. What is undeniable is that from conception to death the individual experiences the Cosmos in the ever present now. At the moment of death, as the person (soul) loses it's physical form, it passes through this experience in the ever present now. As the etherial energy that once inhabited the physical body changes form, this process is experienced in the ever present now.

It is realistic to believe that whatever mystery awaits us after physical death we will experience that mystery in the ever present now. The more time we spend in the ever present now while we possess our physical bodies, the more familiar the passageway of death will be to us, and will not be perceived as something to be feared, but rather as a continuation of our Cosmic journey as our energy naturally changes form.

How does one accept death fearlessly as a natural part of life?

Be here now.


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